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Recent news:

  • Congratulations to Akram Shourkeshti and Kasia Jurewicz on having their abstracts accepted at Cosyne 2022! You should definitely come check out their posters in Lisbon.
  • Becket has just been named a Jacobs Foundation Research Fellow! This is such a cool opportunity for interdisciplinary connection, we're looking forward to working with the foundation.
  • Congratulations to Kasia Jurewicz on her postdoctoral fellowship from IVADO!
  • We just got major grants from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI/FCI) and the Canadian Institutes for Health Reasearch (CIHR/IRSC). Thank you to the Canadian taxpayers for the opportunity to do some cool science. We'll let you know what we learn :)
  • Congratulations to Akram Shourkeshti on being accepted into the neuroscience PhD program at UdeM!
  • Have you ever wanted a systematic introduction to all the neural population analyses folks are doing these days? Ben Hayden and I did, so we wrote one. Check out the preprint on arXiv. [Now in press at Neuron!]